Thursday, July 12, 2007

Millynneum Business Acumen (MBA)
Mentoring & Career Mobility Breakfasts
Monday, Sept. 10 (7:30 AM – Manhattan Location, TBA)

Accelerate your career journey during monthly breakfast meetings with like minded MarComm pros; open to seasoned execs and junior professionals.

Hosted by Lynne Scott Jackson :: Guest Speakers from new media, entertainment, publishing, corporate, content development, journalism, research and sales.
> Invitation only (nontransferable)
> 6-12 colleagues - maximum interaction & idea exchange

To learn more, contact

In development: 2008 Millynneum Business Acumen (MBA) east coast tour schedule; contact us to access extensive network of trainers with expertise in writing, communications, legal affairs and business development.

For career advice & events, visit!

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The Road to Law School
Council on Legal Education Opportunity

Know anyone considering law school? Check out; an excellent program and companion website.

Remember, Experati (MarComm execs with 20+ years experience) share what they know! In order to survive and thrive, we must utilize all the tools at your disposal. On the paternal “Scott” side of my family, my father, grandmother and great-grandfather earned law degrees from North Carolina Central, Boston University and Cornell, respectively. I’m sure they would have found this program invaluable when they started their careers.

My good friend Lonna Hooks, former NJ Secretary of State and current mid-Atlantic real estate mogul (Howard University School of Law) shared this info with me … and now I share it with you! Take the tip and share it with someone who is considering law school; give them a leg up on the fierce competition.

Further, codify information that comes across your desktop. Organize the subject matter; write a blog. Post brief comments like this. Use the internet to your advantage.

Don’t hold things in; share what you know … everyone wins!

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Use Networks & Increase Net Worth!
BPRSNY: Connect >> Communicate >> Collaborate

While social networking is a popular phrase, do you really understand the power of who you know?

Know this: Black Public Relations Society—New York ( is the premiere industry network for marketing communications professionals! Visit our website; be a part of this fast-growing communications advocacy and education association.

Last evening, BPRSNY hosted a festive summer mixer at Manhattan’s 230 Fifth Avenue’s fabulous Rooftop CafĂ©. While the Manhattan wraparound views from the 20th floor of 230 Fifth Avenue were stellar—the camaraderie, conversation and connections between PR pros in attendance was even more memorable!

We know your time is valuable and you have scores of options. Consider:

> All present exhibited a sincere passion for the marketing communications profession

> Seasoned media, entertainment and corporate professionals enthusiastically networked with newbies who wish to enter profession (always share what you know, it strengthens the network)

> Our marketing mix includes independent practitioners, agency heads, government execs, authors, corporate/legal executives, and communicators deft in digital and graphic design

> Members hail from Harlem to Hoboken, and all points in between

> Colleagues share stories about account changes, career opportunities, advocacy work, alumni associations and “for impact” organizations they support

> Positive vibes resulted in a new colleague from Delaware being offered a fantastic new NYC career opportunity (mum’s the word, I’m a journalist at heart and know we can’t post info online until she formally accepts the new gig … just received an email … so exciting!)

> Conversation and connections stimulated fresh perspectives and spurred us all to think in broad directions, using our leadership skills in exciting, new ways

Always try to learn more about who you know. Ask about their interests; figure out what makes them tick. Explore how you can help take their business to the next level. Discuss synergy and how you can grow together.

Don’t forget to take the time to make new connections. Never discount how a colleague may be able to help you. Gravitate to those younger … and older … than your contemporaries. Avoid cliques. Master the art of conversation. Mentor, and manage your associations to make a lasting impact.

Effectively “work” your network to systematically increase your net worth over time!

Special thanks to BPRSNY VP Renee Foster and Visual Historian Gerald Peart, who led the charge for this event and long-time org ambassadors Pauline Barfield of Barfield Public Relations and C. Adrienne Rhodes, Host/Executive Producer of complimentingVIEWS, an international/intergenerational program committed to informing, empowering and uplifting the masses.

And to our new friends, “all the very best until next time,” to quote Mike Millis, VP Special Events/Diversity. All board members, including Program Director Atiya Butler and Membership Director Kimberlee Bradshaw, look forward to your continued support and participation.

Leadership Lessons

To add value on an individual or collective level, BPRSNY shares these lessons as we fervently work to connect, communicate & collaborate:

> Quality usually reigns over quantity

> Keep it simple … don’t make things hard

> Think location, location, location* … which nearly always guarantees a good turnout and good time ... always keep your eyes and ears peeled for fantastic sites

*Our featured networking venue, the Rooftop Cafe, is conveniently located, has no cover and welcomes intimate gatherings and large corporate functions, with the capacity to expand to meet a robust RSVP list

*For great event sites in NYC and other cities, visit – a valuable and reliable online resource for locations and event suppliers

> Like the Nike slogan says – Just do it!

*Don’t over think it

> From concept to completion, we raised the roof and orchestrated a memorable networking event in less than 48 hours

-Board meeting & consensus (mid-June)

-Event format, invite copy approval (1 day)

-Distribution & RSVP’s via Evite* (1 day)

*continued for 3 week period

-Ongoing promotion & publicity … this is what PR pros do best : )

*Strategy: Evite & Excite (via word of mouth /repeat process often)

-Event execution and SUCCESS!

Networking Tips

As you develop a grassroots networking strategy for a client, corporation or “for impact” organization or professional association, remember:

> Folks appreciate the opportunity to share ideas, energy, insight

> Mentoring is valuable ... encourage colleagues ... embrace an "each one teach one mentality"

> Do something! Action motivates and generates momentum, which stimulates ongoing visibility, value and excitement. It's dangerous to stand still.

> “Keep on keeping on” and defy the naysayers, to quote Master Networker & BPRSNY Co-President Gordon Balkcom*!

*As BPRSNY Co-President, I truly understand and appreciate the value of effective audience/community relations. Know this … Gordon is my “go to” person when I need to know what’s going on in the communications industry.

*Word to the wise: your list of “go to” professionals should constantly expand throughout your career.

Mark Your Calendar
BPRSNY Human Resource PR Panel
Sept. 18 (Tuesday, 6-8 PM, NYC)

Meet representatives from leading agencies and corporations; Burson-Marsteller, 230 Park Avenue South. If you’re in career transition or ascending the ladder of success, you don’t want to miss this event! For cost and confirmed panelists, visit

BPRSNY and PRSANY Join Forces

Always leveraging the power of professional networks, BPRSNY recently forged an alliance with the Public Relations Society of America—New York chapter. Check out; together we’re taking a leadership role in mentoring and training the next generation of communications professionals, particularly those of color.

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Thursday, July 05, 2007

OKAY DAVE … All the Rave!
How to Build an Online Portfolio

“Technology offers a new way for us to express ourselves.
Connections are one click away.”

This quote from Dave Werner of San Francisco’s Minor Studios eloquently sums up his June 23 presentation at the National Association of Black Journalists’ – Region I conference at the Associated Press here in New York City. Dave’s website,, was the case history. The audience was mesmerized by his talent and use of Flash, Google Video, Cartoons and other tech tools to create a unique, powerful and memorable impression of a 20-something who one day hopes to start a school to develop similar talents among urban youth.

Dave’s online portfolio helped him land his recent West Coast gig and reflects his creativity and “raw passion” for graphic design and music. He finished undergrad at University of Virginia and a newly minted graphic design graduate degree from Atlanta’s International Portfolio Center.

Dave challenges us to differentiate ourselves, play to our strengths, get creative, take what we know and throw it on the web! His award-winning digital portfolio is an example of tools young professionals and Experati (MarComm execs with 20+ years of experience) must consider as we position ourselves and relay messages in today’s ultra-cluttered media environment.

When developing your personal marketing plan, or any media outreach strategy, Dave says:

> Focus on simple, clear messages

> Be enthusiastic and passionate

Translation: Crowds (read—website visitors, consumers, potential clients) gather when info is transparent and easy to understand. Read this sentence again; it’s important! Keep it short, simple and to the point; provide links to additional info.

When selling “Brand You,” websites, blogs and interactive are more effective, memorable and personal than a demo or press kit. Further, the ability to communicate clear messages is critical to any personal marketing/media relations plan or publicity pitch—say if you’re working for a community group or “for impact” (otherwise known as non-profit) organization.

To create a powerful and memorable interactive experience, Dave offers “Ten Tips” and urges us to focus on:

> Honesty

> Entertainment

> Secrets (people love a little drama to show that you’re human … but not too much)

> Stories (provides depth, adds the personal touch)

> Universality

> Diversity (of programs … content … give them a feel for your personality)

> One experience (your online story should ultimately tie together)

> Balance

> Uniqueness

> Unexpected connections (keeps viewer/reader interested)

Good luck in expanding your online presence! We look forward to adding you to our fast-growing network of Experati!

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