Friday, December 25, 2009

Christmas: A Time to Give Thanks and Crystallize Thoughts

Today has been wonderfully reflective. Solitude is a wonderful thing; something I learned from my mother. If you can’t make time to be one with God and one with yourself, then what’s the point?

My family took a trip to Virginia, which is great. Me, I took time for me and simply relish this introspective time to gain perspective and plan for the year ahead. I tend to go into self-imposed exile every two years or so and it just feels so right. Everyone else may not understand it; oh well. Never feel bad about making or taking time for yourself, even on holidays when everyone else is getting together.

Like the new title of the (Daryl) Hall & (John) Oates boxed sets says: Be What You Want, Be What You Are. While I’ve enjoyed their music for a lifetime, I had no idea about their background. How they’re Philly guys who literally met as teenagers entering Temple University and were heavily influenced by soul artists like Smokey Robinson. Makes sense; now I understand why I like their music so much. Yeah, I had the rare opportunity of listening to some of their great music as I was channel surfing yesterday, which I rarely have time to do.

My life and career choices of education and public relations mean that I’m “on” most of the time, with family, students, colleagues and clients. I relish each and every interaction throughout the year. But the down time at year end seems to be exactly what my psyche needs. It allows time to for me to just “be,” think, decompress and plan for the year ahead.

Guess what? It works! Via focused thought and a “calming” of the mind, I’ve been able to see the forest for the trees and clear my mind for the year ahead. Thus, I’m taking steps to maintain my (usually) non-judgmental, balanced self.

Take time to make time for you.