Sunday, January 01, 2017

A Wonderful New Year

Totally EXCITED about what 2017 will bring.  I started my intense planning zone yesterday, laser focused on preparing for the year ahead.

Over the past few weeks I --

1) committed to get back in shape (joined Blink Fitness Bed-Stuy)

A division of Equinox, the personal trainers are super committed to helping you achieve your exercise goals. Super friendly and service oriented, the clientele represents the vibrant mix of long-time residents and newbies.  The gym is among the benefits of gentrification that I love.  Other aspects of urban and housing trends, not so much.

2) am determined to reach my fitness / weight management goals by following LSJ’s easy rules that work (or do whatever works for you)

More exercise
No sugar, salt, gluten, bread, sweets
Bulk up on salads, fish, veggies
Snack on rice cakes
Drink Matcha tea (yum) instead of coffee sometimes

3) planned commemorative and philanthropic events to celebrate the 20th Anniversary of my consultancy (stay tuned)

Millynneum Inc. 
Marketing, Media + Public Affairs
20 Years of Excellence
Est. 1997   New York, NY

4) got back on track with my Experience Products Mastermind course by Marisa Murgatroyd.  If you haven’t checked out her online training modules, they’re fantastic!  

Always benefit from others’ wisdom in order to get you where you need to be.  There is always something you can learn from others, and remember … you get what you pay for and everything in life is not free.  Take a chance and invest in yourself for a change, instead of always following others.  You've got to pay to plan, and often the results and residual benefits are wilder than you ever expected. 

One of Marisa’s favorite tips is that she is vigilant about being a time warrior.  She lives on the West Coast and says that before noon is a time where she remains laser-focused on her business.  Everything else comes second.  She just says no to other meetings, telecons, and distractions.  

The trick with any new year is to make good on promises to yourself.  With expanded projects in celebration of my 20 years in business milestone, I know I'll need help.  That’s why I’m also planning to commission a virtual assistant, as well as use other resources right under my nose, including family members and mentees who are excellent at what they do and can use the experience.

Like Gary, I’ve committed myself to take action each day so I can look back in 100 days (around April 1) and see how closer I am towards goals that are part of my Life Skills Journey.

A writer whose life work is to be a catalyst for connections in a climate of change, I simply love being in the idea sharing business.  I get excited about creating projects and having them see the light of day.  Convincing others to take the plunge, unleash their innate talents, utilize my services, or share simple complimentary techniques that can help take their projects to the next level.

I always manage to maintain a positive perspective and look forward to sharing more insight with you in the days ahead as you embrace you continue on your Life Skills Journey.  Power house consulting colleagues like Kevin Derricotte (PR Strategies) and Alicia Evans (Total Image Communications) know me well; keep me honest—and on track.  Get yourself a few accountability partners and you’ll see that with faith, family and friends … there’s absolutely nothing you cannot do.

Here's to 2017 and the start of a fulfilling journey.

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